Create Custom Resolutions for Any Value from 1 to 65,536 PPR with Programmable DFS60 Incremental Encoders


SICK|STEGMANN’s DFS 60 Incremental Encoders are now available in fully programmable versions to accommodate any value from 1 to 65,536 pulses per revolution – something no other encoder in the market today can claim.  With the help of a simple programming tool, users, system integrators and distributors are able to select any number of lines between 1 and 65,536 via their PC or Notebook.  They are also able to set the zero pulse width to 90°, 180° or 270° and program the electrical interface to either HTL or TTL.

“DFS60 programmable versions eliminate the need to purchase, stock and prepare machine-oriented line count versions,” says Cathy Castle, Marketing Manager.  “As a result, warehousing is simplified and made more cost effective, and downtime is minimized due to the immediate availability of an encoder that is quickly and easily programmed to the user’s various requirements.”

The DFS60 is a universal device for determining angles, positions, speeds and accelerations in automation technology.  They are available in blind hollow shaft, through hollow shaft and solid shaft models, and boast a revolutionary mechanical design and a metal code disc for increased robustness and temperature tolerances.  Additionally, the new design allows a 30 mm distance between bearings which decreases vibration and increases bearing life.

Lastly, these revolutionary encoders come with an option of a pluggable outlet that can be used as either as radial or axial cable outlet which reduces installation depth and provides simple cable replacement, if needed.


• Shaft material: metal • Number of lines: 200 • Moment of inertia of the rotor: 40 gcm² • Measuring step: 90 degrees electric/number of lines • Reference signal, number: 1 • Reference signal, position: 90 degrees electric, gated with A and B • Measuring step deviation: ± 0.2 ° • Max. angular acceleration: 5 x 10^5 rad/s² • Operating torque: 0.6 Ncm • Start up torque: 0.8 Ncm (20 °C) • Bearing lifetime: 3 x 10^9 revolutions • Permissible relative humidity: 90 %, Condensation of the optical scanning not permitted
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