Crescent X6 Series Wrenches


The line includes three new sets of wrenches:  
  • Ratcheting Open End Wrenches, seven-piece set – This set allows the user to turn nuts and bolts without taking the wrench off the fastener, making jobs faster and easier. The product’s traditional open-end jaw shape enables the user to turn even damaged nuts and bolts.   
  • Pass-Thru Ratchet, 20-piece set – This Pass-Thru Ratchet and socket system eliminates the need for deep sockets, and offers exceptional versatility. It provides clearance, convenience and access.  
  • Double Box Ratcheting Wrench, two-piece set – Traditional wrench sets can be a challenge to store and transport. The double box ratcheting wrench set combines the eight sizes needed for almost any project in two wrenches. It is easy to carry in a toolbox and also fits conveniently in a kitchen drawer or vehicle glove compartment 
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