Crimping Tool


IDEAL INDUSTRIES, INC. announced today an upgraded, more ergonomic version of its premium Crimpmaster™ ratchet-type crimp tool.  An industry standard that allows installers to reliably terminate dozens of types of wires and cables, the Crimpmaster has been redesigned with a new Santoprene® handle that acts to reduce the risk of repetitive strains injuries. Soft yet durable, the textured handle assures a steady, slip-resistant grip even when wet. In addition, it extends tool service life by resisting damaging oils, fluids, perspiration and abrasions.

IDEAL has 21 different interchangeable modular plug die sets for its Crimpmaster, including dies for coax, fiber optic and AWG connectors.  Dies can be changed on the fly using only a screwdriver. To assist in identification, some dies are color coded to gauge specifications.


  • Santoprene® handle
  • slip-resistant grip
  • 21 different interchangeable modular plug die sets
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