A provider of more than 900 sortation systems installed worldwide, FKI Logistex is the industry leader in high-speed sortation. S-3000CB sortation systems are used in a wide range of applications, from post and parcel to distribution and manufacturing. The S-3000CB's scalable design and sortation process can be tailored to any size facility and any type of product or package.

With individual, motor-driven belted carriers, the S-3000CB features gentle, horizontal item discharge and induction to ensure precise positioning and orientation throughout the sortation process. Because of its horizontal induction and discharge, the S-3000CB accommodates a diverse mix of products and package types within an individual batch of sorted items.

Carriers on the S-3000CB accelerate to match induction speeds. Sort discharge can be optimized to a specific product rather than averaged across a range of product. Discharge from S-3000CB carriers is extremely accurate, allowing for closer discharge chute centers and selective positioning of sorted items within a chute.

S-3000CB cross-belt sorters operate at speeds up to 472 ft/min (2.4 m/s) at just 65 dB(A). Versatile and dependable, the S-3000CB uses a non-proprietary control system for maximum flexibility.

The FKI Logistex S-3000CB offers many induction options, from multiple small items to longer, heavier items. It features the ability to sort heavy items to one side of a discharge and smaller, fragile items to the other.

Standard S-3000CB cross-belt sorters are designed with a single cross-belt cart per carrier. An optional double-cart version is available to meet specific sortation requirements.

The S-3000CB's modular frame and cart designs reduce the amount of time required for commissioning. Its streamlined assembly features a minimum of moving parts, reducing wear-and-tear and increasing system life.
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