CST Series stopper cylinder


Numatics is pleased to announce the release of the CST Series stopper cylinder line.  The CST Series is designed to excel in both light and medium duty stopper applications.  Numatics stopper cylinders enable objects to remain in control in conveyor systems.  Pneumatic stopper cylinders are designed to stop objects at various conveyor processes such as machining, processing stations, etc.  

The CST Series can be used in work holding fixture and conveyor system applications.  These applications may include assembly belts, automatic warehouses with high-bay racking, and interlinked production plants.  Our stopper cylinders are able to withstand application challenges that have been far too demanding for traditional air cylinders.

The CST Series is available in 32, 40, and 50 mm bore sizes.  The 32 mm is offered with a 20 mm stroke and the 40 mm and 50 mm bores come standard with a 30 mm stroke.  The cylinder's oversized piston rod diameter maximizes effective bearing area for impact resistance.

The CST Series includes all of the basic stopper cylinder types, i.e., shaft, roller and toggle-lever versions.  The shaft version (both round and non-rotating) is solely a mechanical stop.  The roller version design allows it to retract easily without frictional drag against the face of the work piece.

Regarding the toggle-lever version, impact forces are diverted via a toggle lever to the hydraulic shock absorber and dampened.  Subsequently, this allows the stoppers to cope with extremely high forces, and the work piece is protected against damage during stopper operation.

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