CTS Connect™ Connectors


Cincinnati Test Systems has introduced the new CTS Connect™ air actuated internal or external connectors for effective sealing on smooth, rough or threaded circular features of a part creating a tight, long-lasting seal. The connectors consist of an air-driven internal piston that compresses the urethane seal material against the surface of the part, creating a tight seal that meets all test pressure requirements, regardless of surface shape or finish. CTS Connect connectors are ideal for leak testing, filling, cleaning, burst or pressure testing, flushing, charging, integrity, sealing and part handling in a variety of industries including automotive, medical, appliance, consumer goods, industrial, hydraulic, HVAC and military. New CTS Connect connectors provide:
  • Quick delivery with guaranteed 5 day shipment
  • Reduced maintenance due to standard urethane seal material
  • Fewer production disruptions from the built-in stroke limiter
  • Flexible part interface - tapered adapter and spring-loaded mount options
  • Competitive pricing matched
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