CUBE Manifold - With Industry Enviable 6mm Width Valve


SMC Corporation of America, the world’s largest manufacturer of pneumatic products and filtration equipment has announced the release of their new Series VV061- CUBE manifold which comes with industry enviable 6mm width 3 port valves, which can be used to operate small bore cylinders or as a pilot valve to operate air operated valves. The new concept, CUBE Manifold combines Valve, Printed Circuit Board, Base and Fittings as one compact CUBE structured unit for space saving and easy maintenance. 

The VV061 manifold is ideal for use in various applications including analytical devices, medical equipment, electronic and semiconductor equipment.

With two voltage options of 24V DC and 12V DC, the 6mm width valve Series V060, consumes 0.55W in standard configuration and 0.23W with power saving circuit and has a response time of 10 ms. 

The CUBE manifold is available in 4 and 8 station configuration. The manifold comes with two types of pipe connections, with barb fitting to accept 4mm OD tubing and with 2mm one touch fitting. The manifold offers ease of maintenance by leaving the piping plate with tubing on the machine.

The valve is available with two optional seal material FKM and HNBR and the whole manifold complies with RoHS, CE, UL and CSA standards.

The standard valve has a Cv of 0.004 (0-100 psi) and 0.008 in low pressure version suitable from vacuum to 44 psi pressure. The CUBE manifold is available with 300mm, 600mm, and 1000mm connector cable.
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