Curb-Style Drain Cover


New Pig Corporation has introduced the PIG® DRAINBLOCKER® Curb-Style Drain Cover designed to seal vertical drains in seconds and help facilities comply with Stormwater and SPCC Regulations. Ideal for locations where power washing and other spill-prone operations are common, the PIG® DRAINBLOCKER® Curb-Style Drain Cover conforms to curb-style storm drains to create a tight seal and prevent liquids from entering the drain. 

A super-sealing urethane bottom layer creates a tight seal on curved or face-opening style drains while the Drain Cover’s polypropylene top resists tears, chemicals, oils and detergents.  Durable and cost effective, the reusable PIG® DRAINBLOCKER® Curb-Style Drainblocker is an excellent alternative to inflatable plugs and other specialized stormwater management equipment.   


  • seals vertical drains in seconds
  • creates a tight seal 
  • prevents liquids from entering the drain

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