Custom Fit, Worry-Free, Anti-Slip Stair Renovations


WALL, NJ -- Worn stairs are an invitation for slip and fall accidents, which result in injury, fatality, and costly lawsuits. Garon Treds™ can easily make worn-out stairs safe without costly rebuilding. Made from heat-resistant extruded aluminum alloy, Garon Treds™ outwear ordinary treads by years. Their aluminum oxide grit - second in hardness to diamonds - provides long-lasting traction. Garon Tredsare custom cut for a perfect fit, and can be applied to any type of stair--concrete, wood, or metal. Fast, easy installation allows normal stair traffic to resume quickly. Suitable for use in hospitals, schools, offices, restaurants, anywhere safe stairways are necessary. Garon Treds™ come in 11 colors to match your specific needs and comply with ADA and OSHA regulations. Garon Tredsare available from Garon Products, a major manufacturer of floor coating systems, concrete repair products, and anti-slip safety coatings for more than 46 years.


• Ship Wt. - 4.75 lbs. per ft. • Compliance - OSHA, ADA • Size - 11x36 inch • Weight - 14 Lbs.
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