Bulletin No. PR-100WC features complete line of bellows type way protectors manufactured of elastomer coated fabric materials, metal roll-up and walk-on way covers, and metal telescoping covers designed to provide protection on machine tools, robots, precisions slides and other moving machinery. Includes design data and order information. A & A Manufacturing Company was founded in 1945 and specialized in developing products from synthetic coating and fabrics. The techniques we developed in the early application of elastomer coated fabrics evolved into today's highly recognized line of dependable Gortite® protective covers. Today you'll find Gortite® bellows type covers for cylinder rods and shafts, actuating screws, machine ways and linear rails. Other uses include flexible connections, expansion joints and camera bellows. The industries we serve have expanded to medical and dental equipment, photographic equipment, material handling and packaging machinery, plastics machinery and transportation vehicles.
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