Customized Display Solutions for Multi-Tank Applications


CARY, N.C. (July 11, 2006) — MTS Systems Corp. Sensors Division is now offering customers Red Lion Tank Level and Multi-Tank Level Monitoring HMI Modbus RTUs, customized display panels for multiple tank systems that provide vital storage information on temperature, volume, interface, and level. The display screens are positioned at the bottom of the tanks and can be customized for 4-, 8-, or 16-tank systems for petroleum tank farms, pipeline terminals, or fuel depots. These displays power at +24Vdc and communicate directly with the gauges within the storage tank to provide feedback information to the customer.

“The new Red Lion display panel provides feedback for each tank and gauge on the system,” said Adrian Totten, Marketing and Sales Manager for MTS Sensors. “This allows our customers unmatched flexibility in system design for as many as 16 tanks.”

A Modbus RS-485 RTU Slave Interface enables communication between the display and an external PLC or DCS system. The front panel is NEMA 4X/IP66-rated and shows gross volume, net volume, and diagnostic data. The display also includes an Ethernet port so the data can be simultaneously logged in the external control system.

The feedback provided by the panel includes a display of all the tanks with color graphs for level and interface, and the numerical values for level, interface, temperature, and alarm status. To view the information for an individual tank, the user can touch the specific tank on the screen and the panel will switch to this tank. This will show a larger image of the same information, as well as the associated volumes.

Both the Tank Level and Multi-Tank Level Monitoring HMI Modbus RTUs are UL listed for Hazardous Locations.

Pricing for the multi-tank display system start at $2,500.

MTS Systems Corporation is the world leader in magnetostrictive linear-position and liquid-level sensor technology. MTS Systems Corporation is a global operation, with facilities in the U.S., Germany and Japan. In the U.S., the MTS Sensors Division has an ISO 9001 facility manufacturing rugged and reliable Temposonics position and liquid-level sensors. With a strong commitment to research and development, product quality and customer service, the Sensors Division is constantly seeking ways to bring the highest value to customers.
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