Customized Vibration Isolation Mounts


BOSTON, MA — Kinetic Systems, Inc. (KSI) announces the capability to customize their Vibration Control Mounts for virtually any application where isolation from ambient vibration is desirable. Designed for OEM manufacturing, retrofitting sensitive equipment, or isolating entire rooms, the mounts are available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations. Load capacities range from 200 to 20,000 lbs. per mount.

KSI engineers offer assistance with the design and installation of Customized Vibration Isolation Mounts, which can even be manufactured vacuum-compatible or nonmagnetic or constructed of specialty materials if necessary. The mounts can be ordered with Kinematic pistons or two-stage pendulum airmount systems. Other options include damping tanks, portable air compressors, and epoxy-powder-coat finishes for Class 10 cleanroom compatibility. Inertia masses or bases are also available.

KSI Customized Vibration Isolation Mounts add stability to steppers, laser trimmers, automated wafer inspectors, profilometers, and other instruments. They can be used beneath breadboards or installed in large equipment to isolate particular mechanisms, instruments, or other components.

Based on KSI’s popular Series 1206 standard models, Customized Vibration Isolation Mounts are built to precise specifications. They provide vertical and horizontal vibration isolation with low natural frequencies, automatic leveling and height control to within 0.005”, and internal damping for improved stability. The standard finish is blue polyurethane, providing Class 100 cleanroom compatibility. KSI mounts are available in active and slave configurations. Active mounts use the VIBRALEVEL Air Servo Valve to feed or bleed air from the mounts to maintain preset “zero deflection” and compensate for load changes. Slave mounts do not have Air Servo Valves but are slaved (controlled) by one of the active mounts. The number of slave mounts required is a function of configuration and load.

Kinetic Systems, Inc. is a leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of vibration isolation equipment, optical tables, and related components used in a wide range of industries worldwide, including research and development, quality control, laboratories, and semiconductor manufacturing.
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