CUTMASTER® True Series Line of Plasma Systems


Thermal Dynamics is now offering the final two systems that compose its CUTMASTER® True Series line of five plasma cutting machines which deliver more punch for the user, thus dramatically improving productivity.  The CUTMASTER 102 and CUTMASTER 152 are the most powerful machines in the True Series with maximum cuts of 1 ¾” and 2” respectively.  The CUTMASTER 152 has 20 more amps of power than any other machine on the market.
The CUTMASTER 102 and CUTMASTER 152 provide portable and powerful gouging and cutting capabilities for heavy fabrication and manufacturing.
With the completion of the True Series, Thermal Dynamics now has a full line of manual plasma cutting systems that are smaller, lighter, more portable, and more powerful than ever.
The roll-out launch of the new Thermal Dynamics manual plasma cutting systems has exceeded expectations. These two machines complete the launch - and now end users have a range of choices to fit their applications and processes
The other machines in the series are:
The Cutmaster 39 delivers 150% more punch with a recommended cut of 1/4” and a maximum cut of 5/8”. Its applications include: auto body repair, plumbing, home shop, metal stud construction, HVAC, metal building and roofing construction and marine repair and rental fleets.
The Cutmaster 52 delivers 125% more punch with a recommended cut of 1/2” and a maximum cut of 1 1/8”. Its applications include: construction, maintenance and repair and fabrication.
The Cutmaster 82 delivers 100% more punch with a recommended cut of 3/4” and a maximum cut of 1 1/2”. Its applications include: heavy fabrication, manufacturing, and contractors.
The series has been christened “True” because of guaranteed truths about all five products in the line.  They are:
True Strength:  The CUTMASTER True Series allows you to work all day at our recommended cut capacity. But when you need that extra punch, you can be confident that it’s there.
True Flexibility:  The new CUTMASTER True Series features the flexible, patented 1Torch. There’s one set of consumable parts for the entire range of machines, lead extension kits of up to 100’, and the flexibility to move quickly from hand to mechanized cutting with the change of a torch. (A PCB can be added for CNC interface.)
True Protection:  As if a 4-year unlimited power supply warranty wasn’t enough, the CUTMASTER True Series also is the only line of plasma cutting machines that features True Guard™ – a rugged roll bar for added durability
True Confidence:  The CUTMASTER True Series with front panel LED’s assures extreme operator confidence and error-free use from set up to clean up.
True Tip™:  The Thermal Dynamics CUTMASTER True Series plasma system offers the only 60-Amp drag cutting tip on the market today.
True Portability:  The CUTMASTER True Series offers lighter, more portable machines without compromising performance.
The CUTMASTER True Series uses 1Torch technology that is compatible with the same line of consumables used on the early 1Series and takes advantage newly designed 60 Amp drag cutting tip for improved cut quality and performance on 1/8”(3mm) and 1/4” (6mm) plate.


• Max Amperage Output – Amps: 120 • Min Amperage Output – Amps: 25 • Output Power – Kw: 15.4 • Recommended Cut - Inches (mm): 1.250 (30) • Max Cut - Inches (mm): 2.000 (50) • Pierce Rating - Inches (mm): 1.000 (25) • Input Voltage: 208/230-460V 1/3 PH, 50/60Hz; 400V 3 PH, 50 Hz; 600V 3 PH, 50/60Hz • Auto Sensing Input Voltage: No Current Draw 1 Phase - (Amps) • 208V: 123 • 230V: 112 • 460V: 56 Current Draw 3 Phase - (Amps) • 208V: 62 • 230V: 56 • 400V: 32 • 460V: 28 • 600V: 21 • Duty Cycle: 80% @ 120A; 100% @ 100A • Auto Pilot Restart: Yes • Tip Saver Circuit: Yes • Over Voltage Protection: Yes • Power Factor Correction: No • Multi Voltage: Yes • Dimensions (H x W x L) - Inches (mm): 15 x 12 x 30; (381 x 305 x 762) • Weight - lbs (kg): 62 (28.1) • Torch Model: SL100 (Hand, Mech, Auto) • Air Pressure - psi (bar): 75 (5.2) Rec Cut Speed - ipm (mm/min) • 1" (25mm): 20 (508) • 1 1/4" (30mm): 10 (254) • 1 1/2" (40mm): 8 (206)

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I own the cut master 102 this is by far the best plasma cutter available Ive used a lot of major brands available and none can compare to the power Cut master 102 has great machine I highly recommend this unit