Cutting and Preparation Tools for Stainless Steel


RIDGID® recently added the Model 35S stainless steel tubing cutter and Models 227S/223S inner-outer reamers for stainless steel to its line of tubing cutting and preparation tools.
    The lightweight Model 35S tubing cutter features X-CEL™ knob, roller bearings and pin upgrades for easier stainless steel cutting. The X-CEL knob allows quicker tube cutting with its larger, more ergonomic design. The X-CEL roller bearings reduce friction while increasing cut speed. A spare wheel stored in the knob can be quickly changed with the X-CEL pin. Though specifically designed for use on stainless steel, the Model 35S also cuts copper, steel and aluminum tubing.    
    The Model 227S and 223S inner-outer reamers for stainless steel, copper, steel and aluminum include integrated measurement tools for faster and easier use on the jobsite. The Model 227S features 45 cutting edges on the inner cone to allow for quick, clean inner reaming and outer deburring or beveling of 1/2 inch to 2-inch copper and stainless steel tubing. The smaller 223S reamer has 36 cutting edges. Constructed of hardened steel, the Model 227S and 223S reamers offer end users increased durability.   
    “As the use of stainless steel becomes more prevalent in the industry, RIDGID has responded with tools specifically designed for faster, easier cutting and preparation of stainless steel tubing,” says Renee Brown, product manager, plumbing technologies, RIDGID.


• Capacity (O.D.) - 3/16" – 1 1/8"” • Weight – 1lb • Std pack - 1
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