Cutting Pliers


The new X-Cut cutting pliers, from KNIPEX, is a compact, light-weight, powerful and precise box-joint diagonal cutter. The X-Cut pliers offers a wide range of cutting capabilities for industrial, trade and craft applications. The new cutter cuts through fine strands with great precision, easily cutting through materials similar to hard piano wire, but also features a large jaw opening for multi-strand cables. The powerful X-Cut model requires 40 percent less force than conventional diagonal cutters. 

The box-joint design of the X-Cut cutter gives the tool greater stability while eliminating backlash movement and the slim shape of the tool’s head provides easy access in confined spaces. A double-supported joint axis and optimum coordination of the cutting edge angle, combined with a high-lever ratio allow for heavy-duty, high-capacity cutting. 



  • greater stability
  • double-supported joint axis
  • wide range of cutting capabilities
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