Cyclones Handle Dust at Extreme Temperatures


Handle dust in high-temperature applications efficiently and safely with Insulated Dust Collection Cyclones by AIRLANCO. AIRLANCO Insulated HE (High-Efficiency) Series Cyclones serve as primary receivers in dilute phase pneumatic conveying systems where conventional filter receivers might get plugged or overburdened by large airborne solids conveyed at extreme temperatures. Insulated units feature 3 inches of specialty insulation, plus an additional layer of steel. They can be custom built to meet the users’ needs. Various types of insulation, including mineral wool or fiber glass, can be used to suit the application.

Economical Insulated HE Cyclones feature an AIRLANCO proprietary interior design and operate without any filter media to clean, replace, or maintain. Dust particles are forced against the walls – where inertia and gravity separate them from the air stream. During the final phase of particle separation, a riser tube inside the Cyclone directs the ascending secondary vortex created by the internal airflow to the draw-thru discharge opening. The draw-thru is rotatable and can be positioned for the most convenient clean air orientation. Cyclones come in aluminum, durable carbon, or sanitary stainless steel, with round or square inlets, and supply a variety of ancillary components – such as duct work, fans, airlocks, and other equipment to provide complete integrated systems. Construction includes a heavy-duty support structure to simplify installation and ensure safe, stable operation.

All AIRLANCO Cyclones can separate hot, cold, moist, and large particles that can plug or damage filter receivers. Individual models handle moist material from ovens or coolers in high volumes and feature involute inlets that run 180 degrees around the Cyclone circumference to maximize cyclonic separation. The Cyclone hopper cone features an 8? diameter bolted inspection door. The standard hopper slope is 75º to ensure proper particle flow. If the diameter of the discharge must be nonstandard, the hopper height will be changed to maintain optimum slope. Flanged construction and lifting lugs facilitate transport and on-site assembly.

Insulated HE Series Cyclones provide high-efficiency separation of dust and particulates from plant and process air. They can handle high temperatures, high-moisture content, and high airflow. To obtain maximum separation efficiency, their size is limited; consequently, HE Cyclones are often ganged to meet the demands of very high air volumes.

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