D-Sub Connector Interface Modules


Automation Systems Interconnect, Inc. (ASI) is pleased to announce the release of a DIN rail mountable pluggable D-SUB connector interface module.  This new product provides an easy, cost-effective means of interfacing between inputs/outputs and controllers used in industrial control and automation applications. The transition from a D-Subminiature to individual wires is simplified with this new, readily available interface module.  An exclusive feature of the IMDS module is their availability with pluggable terminal blocks and either male (plug) or female (receptacle) D-SUB connectors.  

These pluggable modules facilitate rapid system testing, shorter maintenance downtime and simplify construction when shipping sub-assemblies are required.  In the standard 9 to 50 position D-SUB configurations, these modules will mount either on a DIN rail or directly on a panel. Another unique feature of the IMDS module is the addition of six component holes per circuit.  The plated through holes allow users to easily modify modules by adding electronic components.  The 26-12 AWG terminal blocks are clearly marked to eliminate wiring errors.  Custom marking, custom circuits and special connectors are available upon request. 


  • pluggable terminal blocks
  • facilitate rapid system testing
  • six component holes per circuit


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