Data Loggers


Wahl Instruments, Inc. announces the addition of the new AOIP FD5 Line of data loggers to its line of temperature and pressure products.  With modern and flexible features, the FD5 series accommodates a wide variety of applications, including temperature monitoring.  Equipped with 5, 10 and 15 universal synchronized channels, the new generation of fast (470 Hz / channel) and flexible modules can be used in the field as stand-alone system or on test benches. 

The FD5 Series uses a web server concept; all necessary configuration and management software are embedded into the unit itself for a plug-and-play design.  Easy-to-use, the web server interface allows real time and remote control of the data acquisition through any web browser; including setup, start, result display, monitoring, and data exportation functions.  As stand-alone modules, FD5 series loggers have embedded flash memory that  can be expanded with the SD card slot and USB drive slots. Connect up to two additional slave modules to extend the number of inputs available for maximum flexibility.  


  •  5, 10 and 15 universal synchronized channels
  • flexible modules
  • web server concept
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