DataBridge™ SDR2-CF


Acumen Instruments Corporation introduces the DataBridge™ SDR2-CF, an improved version of the SDR-CF. The SDR2-CF is the easy way to add CompactFlash data storage to any device or system and is a convenient drop-in replacement for a computer or laptop. To simplify system integration, the SDR2-CF now operates from a wider input voltage range and power consumption has been reduced to one-fourth the power of the original version. For applications that demand it, the SDR2-CF also offers a low-power mode and the ability to disable LED indicators, further cutting power consumption for even more battery life. Overall the SDR2-CF offers significant power savings over PC's, laptops, and embedded PC's, so batteries last 100 to 1000 times longer and no heat is generated. For improved control of serial devices, the SDR2-CF now supports arbitrary data port baud rates up to 921,600 baud, the ability to send break characters to a device, and output messages with embedded binary codes. Using the SDR2-CF's configuration port, the user can connect to a computer to control and monitor recording, download files, change recording settings, or communicate with the serial device using passthrough mode. Like the SDR-CF, the SDR2-CF captures data from any device equipped with a serial port and stores it in a PC-compatible file on a CompactFlash card. Files appear on a standard drive letter and can be read with any CompactFlash card reader. The SDR2-CF adds support for the FAT32 file system for even greater compatibility.


* Low Power Less than 100mW idle; 250mW in low power record mode. * Easy to Deploy Configuration via HyperTerminal for fast, simple setup. No development time or special software to add hidden costs. * Powerful Feature Set Timestamp incoming data; output query messages; configure for serial passthrough; much more. * Robust Power Supply 4.5-30V input range; holdup circuit ensures integrity of recorded data if power is lost. * High Speed Data Processing Logs continuous streaming input from 40 bps to 960.8 kbps. * Large Storage Capacity Accepts memory cards up to 64GB; records in FAT16/FAT32 for easy data retreival & processing. * Compact & Durable Extruded aluminum enclosure. 5" x 3.4" x 1.3" (13cm x 8.6cm x 32cm) * Flexible Interface Connect directly to RS-232 sources via standard DB9 connector. Logs RS-485, RS-422, ARINC-429 with addition of simple converter.
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