DC Brush Motors


Crouzet, a brand of Custom Sensors & Technologies (CST), has introduced the astonishingly quiet DCmind Brush range of direct current brush motors. These soundless motors, even under full load, offer exceptional efficiencies, long service life, and a wide range of gearboxes and accessories.  Because of its noiseless operation, the DCmind Brush motor series is particularly well suited to applications in medical, laboratory, industrial and high performance printing industries.  They can also be used in a variety of other applications such as pumps and valves, railways, and aeronautics. 

The new DCmind Brush motors have a noise level of only 35db − about the sound of a whispered conversation - and 20db less than the current motor standard range.  Key to its silent operation is the precise engineering work during the product design phase.   Careful attention was paid to selection of high quality magnets, brushes and ball bearings as well as to special shaping and balancing of rotor poles. These factors combined to dramatically reduce the energy dissipated through vibration and resonance levels.   The result is not only the quietest motor on the market, but also a motor with more than 80% efficiency and a minimum service life of 5000 hours when used with normal power loads. Under reduced load conditions, service life can be increased to as much as 24,000 hours. The new product range includes 15, 25 and 55 watt motors with a 42mm diameter, and 55 and 104 watt motors with a 63mm diameter. DCmind Brush motors support 12, 24 and 48 volt power supplies and are available with several accessories and adaptations, including rear brake, optical or Hall effect encoders (1 or 2 channels), connectors and wires, voltage, speed and power, and shaft dimensions and material.  

The motor's extremely low sound level meets several standards in applications for medical (IEC 60601-1) office equipment (IEC 60950), and household appliances (IEC 60335). All new motors are approved in accordance with UL 10004-1, CE, and support IP56, IP67 and IP69K. They are also RoHS compliant. 


  • noiseless operation
  • 15, 25 and 55 watt motors

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