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Calex Mfg. Co., Inc. announces the DIN Rail mountable 150 Watt HCM Series of DC/DC converters.  The HCM is housed in a rugged encapsulated cast enclosure with easily accessible "clamp" style barriers strips which secure the wire without twisting. The protected, recessed barrier strip facing the top of the case allows all connections to be made in tight quarters while protecting the barrier strip and wire from physical damage.  

The case is encapsulated with a thermally conductive potting material for improved thermal performance as well and environmental protection. The temperature range of the HCM series is -40 to 100C.  The case dimensions are 3.2" x 4.53" x 1.31" including the DIN mount foot. The DC input range of the HCM is an ultra wide 9-36VDC or 18-75VDC.  The output voltages available are 3.3, 5, 12, 15 and 24VDC.  The output voltage is isolated from the input and fully regulated over line and load conditions. All models offer remote ON/OFF which results in an energy saving 8mA input idle current.  Remote sense keeps the output voltage at desired levels compensating for wiring voltage drops.  All HCM models have input reverse voltage protection to avoid damage due to wiring errors. The series is UL recognized and features pulse by pulse current limiting, dead short shut-down, short circuit frequency foldback and over-temperature protection.  All models are available in RoHS and non-RoHS and are backed by Calex's Five Year Warranty.  All units are made in the USA.


  • 150 Watt
  • encapsulated cast enclosure
  • 9-36VDC or 18-75VDC

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