AIMCO has introduced a new product to its controlled fastening tools portfolio -- the iControl System by AcraDyne. The iControl System brings the benefits of a high-quality DC-electric fastening system to a wider range of manufacturers by combining all of the necessary components into one system at a more approachable price. To make ordering simple, each iControl System will include a tool controller, a DC electric assembly tool, a tool cable, and a USB communication module. The package will also include a software CD containing ToolWare, AcraDyne’s PC interface software; this software is provided at no additional charge and requires no licenses or registration for its use. The iControl System features AcraDyne’s fully-transducerized and traceable electric assembly tool, so it is capable of being used on any fastening job from 3 – 230 Nm, including critical applications where safety and quality are extremely important. Data for over 2000 rundowns is stored in the controller’s memory and can be accessed at anytime through the standard USB connection when using ToolWare. Eight parameter settings, full I/O capability, programmable maintenance alerts and usage logs are just some of the other features of the iControl System. “With the iControl System, AIMCO hopes to make DC-electric assembly technology available to manufacturers that could not afford it previously, or who need a basic system without the complications of networking and other complex set-up procedures”, states Alan Hirschmugl, AIMCO’s Marketing Manager.
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