DC Electric Drive Pumps


High-performance E-Flo® DC (Dual Control) line of industrial pumps is ideally suited for paint finishing applications. Graco’s E-Flo® DC electric circulating pumps are designed to operate by maintaining either constant pressure or a constant flow rate.  They are five times more efficient than similarly sized pneumatic pumps, resulting in significantly lower electric bills for the end user.  In addition, they operate quietly – more than 20 dbA’s quieter than OSHA’s continuous sound regulation for an eight hour work day. “The E-Flow DC combines the best features of pneumatic and electric circulation pumps, said Bill Heuer, Product Marketing Manager, Industrial Products Division. “It maintains constant fluid pressure like pneumatic pumps while delivering cost savings through the use of a highly efficient electric motor. 

Ultimately, the Dual Control technology not only provides more consistent finishes, but saves customers money by using less energy.” To protect the pumps from premature wear, the E-Flo line was developed with an integrated runaway protection system that is standard on all models. “With runaway protection, the E-Flo DC pump automatically shuts off if material has stopped flowing to the pump,” said Heuer.  “This safety mechanism not only prevents costly material loss, but also reduces maintenance and increases longevity of the product.” E-Flo DC pump models include Basic and Advanced. The Basic model offers local control with two simple control knobs located directly on the pump, making it easy to adjust the pump settings. 

The Advanced model features a digital control module for additional performance control and the ability to manage multiple pumps from a single module. It also has the ability to easily integrate with a customer’s Programmable Logic Controller network via fiber optics. "The E-Flo DC is the ideal solution for customers wishing to upgrade their existing paint circulation systems,” said Heuer. “The E-Flo DC pumps have a small footprint and are a great solution for a replacement pump. The pumps are easy to install, requiring only single-phase 110/220 volt, 50/60 Hz power with no Variable Frequency Drive required.”


  • operate quietly
  • Dual Control technology
  • integrated runaway protection system
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