DC Electric Motors


Electric-powered gates and doors – the kind you encounter at the entrance and exit of outdoor parking lots, enclosed parking facilities and large retail stores like supermarkets and home remodeling centers – move up and down, or slide or swing back and forth hundreds of times throughout the course of a single day. The Bosch i-Business Group offers 12-volt, 28-watt Bosch “CEP” DC electric motors with gear boxes for such high-traffic “open and close” applications where the need for smooth operation and reliability is especially critical to good traffic flow.

“The last thing store managers want is a malfunctioning electric-powered door that discourages shoppers from making their way in to shop,” says Kenn Langosch, Sales Manager for the Bosch i-Business Group. “In Bosch CEP motors, manufacturers of electric-powered gates and doors will find proven performers that are extremely reliable throughout many years of frequent use.”

 According to Langosch, the Bosch CEP motors run very quietly, making them ideal for powering gates and doors at high-traffic commercial and retail facilities. “The quiet operation afforded by Bosch CEP motors will be equally welcomed by both the general public and facility employees, especially those who spend most of their working hours within earshot of frequently opening and closing gates or doors,” says Langosch.

In addition to their usefulness for commercial and retail applications, the Bosch CEP motors can also be utilized to power large electric gates that are designed to ensure privacy and security for private residential estates and upscale gated communities. The maintenance-free Bosch CEP motors can be counted on to run reliably under adverse environmental conditions. The Bosch CEP (part number 9 390 453 136) motor’s low voltage (12V) assures user safety, and its low current draw (9.0 amps) promotes economic savings.

The Bosch CEP motors are compact in size and low in weight, which promote easy installation into small cabinet-style enclosures that are typically used to house the motor and other components for controlling automatic sliding doors and electronic gates.

Other design characteristics of the 12-volt Bosch CEP electric with gear box (part number 9 390 453 136) include:

  • Nominal power: 28 watts
  • Nominal speed: 26 / 43 min-1
  •  Nominal torque: 6.5 Nm
  • Breakaway torque: 25 Nm
  • Speed reduction: 63 : 1


  • power large electric gates
  • low voltage (12V)
  • low current draw (9.0 amps)
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