DC Gearmotor / Brake / Encoder


Midwest Motion Products of Watertown, Minnesota, is pleased to announce the release of a new DC Gear Motor, the Model No. MMP C21-125E-24V GPk52-046LS BR-005n EU-250i.. Accepting any 24 Volt DC source, including battery power, this robust Gear Motor measures just 2.14” in Diameter, by 9.35” long, and has a keyed output shaft of 0.500” diameter by 1.5” long. Mounting is simple, with 4 “face mount” M5 threaded holes, equally spaced on a 40mm Dia. B.C.
The output of this reversible gearmotor is rated for 50 IN LBS continuous torque, at 90 RPM, and 89 IN LBS Peak. Complete with an Integral “Power ON“ Brake, which engages only In the presence of 24V Power, the total weight is approximately 3.5 pounds, including the 250 PPR Dual Channel Encoder, with Index. It’s an efficient design, requiring just 3.6 Amp at 24 Volts DC to generate its Full Load Torque. That translates into long life battery charge, very quiet operation, and lower cost drive electronics. Standard Encoder resolutions include 32 PPR, 100 PPR, 500 PPR and 1024 PPR.
This unique design is rated at an “IP-54” Ingress Protection level for operation in harsh environments. Variable Speed accomplished with our fully compatible Speed Control, Model MMP 25A-24V, or MMP 20A-24V-RSP
Samples are available FROM STOCK for rapid prototyping needs. An up to date listing of Finished Products available from Stock can be found at http://www.midwestmotion.com/inventory.pdf
Typical options available from the company include, Analog Tachometers, and Low Backlash Planetary Gear heads, with standard ratios ranging from 3:1 to 2653:1, Motor Winding Options include 12V 24V, 36V, 48V, 60V and 90 Volts DC.
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