Decorative Bumper Post Sleeves


Never paint bollards again and improve your facilities appearance with the Ideal Shield® Decorative Bollard Cover. Slide the polyethylene thermoplastic cover over existing steel post for a virtually maintenance free bollard eliminates  painting.  Reduced shipping cost compared to your traditional concrete or cast iron bollard.

The Ideal Shield® Decorative Covers are available in hundreds of colors and multiple sizes. Designs include the Pawn Bollard, Cinco Bollard, Ribbed Bollard, Metro Bollard and Architectural Bollard.  OSHA Yellow, Red, Hunter Green, Architectural Brown and Dark Grey are our standard colors.  Custom colors available to match any color scheme.  Create your own custom look with, pillars, emblems, rings, grooves…whatever you need. Your imagination is the only limit.  

Ideal Shield® also manufactures bumper post sleeves, guardrails, handrails, clearance bars, cart corrals, bike racks, and rack protectors.


* 1/4" nominal polyethylene thermoplastic * Available to cover steel bollard post diameters ranging from 3 inches to 10 inches. * 1/8" nominal polyethylene thermoplastic * Available in red, yellow, white and blue * Fits pipe 4" to 6" Decorative bumper post sleeves * 1/4"nominal polyethelyne thermoplastic * Custom colors * Multiple designs lighted decorative bollard covers * 1/4" nominal polyethelyne thermoplastic * Environmentally friendly * Little to no electricity used * Great for walkways, office fronts, and architectural settings Point of Purchase * Custom colors * 1/4" nominal wall thickness * Hardwired or UV technology
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