Desiccant Dryers


Kaeser Compressors announces the latest addition to its comprehensive line of energy saving desiccant dryers. The new Kaeser Blower Purge Desiccant dryers and Kaeser Exhaust Purge Desiccant dryers use a heated regeneration method to produce high quality air and dew points as low as –40°F with minimal purge air losses.

All of our desiccant dryers feature a dual tower design and durable, activated alumina. The desiccant beds are specially designed to optimize contact time between the purge air and the desiccant and to maximize desiccant life. Kaeser dryers also feature leak-free switching and check valves to reduce pressure drop, and solid state controllers to monitor all essential operations.

Standard sizes in our desiccant line range from 5 to 5400 cfm with larger models available. Kaeser also offers heatless desiccant dryers and a complete line of filters, drain traps and condensate management products. We have the right solution for your clean air treatment needs.
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