Desiccant Products Keep Powders, Pills and Test Kits Dry


A line of desiccant products that absorb up to 3X their weight in moisture for a wide range of medical and pharmaceutical packaging applications is available from Sphinx Adsorbents, Inc. of Springfield, Massachusetts.

Sphinx Desiccant Products feature rigid canisters that comply with FDA CFR 21 regulations for direct contact with food and drugs and Tyvek® packets for protecting the contents of medical test kits from moisture damage. Capable of absorbing up to three times their weight in moisture, these desiccants are designed to keep products dry during assembly, shipping, and storage.

Available on rolls in continuous strip form, Sphinx Desiccant Packets come in 1/4 gm. to 5 lb. sizes that can be custom imprinted and the canisters have a rigid cylindrical shape which is compatible with high speed insertion equipment. Beyond medical and pharmaceutical packaging, other applications include protecting electronics, instruments, and various metallic objects.

Sphinx Desiccant Products are priced according to size, quantity, and pack-aging requirements. Samples and pricing are available upon request.
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