Series 24 Detent-Action Rotary Switches from Electroswitch deliver years of trouble-free service in a wide range of power-industry applications. The Series 24 Switches have a maximum of 8 positions and are designed with contacts enclosed in molded phenolic insulators to protect against contamination. They are available with a choice of handle shapes and are UL recognized and CSA certified. Series 24 Switches are rated for 30 amps continuous voltage from 125VDC TO 600VAC and have double-wiping, silver-plated contacts for low resistance. Terminal screws are provided for easy installation. Series 24 Switches can be configured for instrument or control applications. Series 24 Instrument Switches have “make-before-break” (shorting) contacts to allow sequential connections on the same switching deck and can include pre-wired jumpers. Pre-configured models include a Power Factor Switch, a Synchronizing Switch, and a Temperature Meter Transfer Switch as well as a variety of Ampere Monitoring and Voltmeter Monitoring Switches. Series 24 Control Switches can include spring return to normal (vertical) position, a mechanical red/green target, slip contacts for “normal after” applications, and a pull-to-lock mechanism for safety lockout. Pre-configured models include Circuit Breaker Control Switches, Tap Changer Controls, and others. Series 24 Switches are also available with lighted nameplates for fast, easy-to-see status indication. No special operator training is needed for this option, which uses up to three long-lived light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that can be wired for local or remote annunciation. Five bright colors are available to separately identify multiple functions.


• Overload Current (50 operations): 22A/125VAC Resistive • Voltage Breakdown: 1200V rms minimum • Insulation Resistance: 100 Megohms minimum • Contacts Resistance: 10 milliohms maximum
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