Detent Pins


FEATURES: Solid alignment pin with a ground shank and solid shoulder to hold exact grip-length tolerance. Locking balls hold the pin in place by spring force (not positive locking like a Ball Lock Pin). Simply push to insert, and pull to remove. Available in steel or stainless steel. Made in USA.


SIZES: Available in the following pin diameters — see Dimensions page for part numbers:

 1/4 6mm
 5/16 8mm
 3/8 10mm
 1/2 12mm
 5/8 16mm
 3/4 20mm

Any grip length up to 6" (150mm in metric) is available as standard, at no extra charge. Available from stock in many standard grip lengths, or quickly made to order in custom lengths and diameters. Note: 3/16-dia pins have only one locking ball instead of two due to their small size.

OPTIONAL STAINLESS MATERIAL: Pins are optionally available in stainless steel instead of alloy steel, for greater corrosion resistance. Add "-S" to the part number:

 CL-4-DEP-1.50 (steel)
 CL-4-DEP-1.50-S (stainless)

OPTIONAL CABLE: To order pins with a standard cable assembly attached (#2 cable size, 12" long, with a terminal at the free end for a #10 or M5 attachment screw), add "-C" to the part number:


MATERIAL (STEEL): Shank > 4130 steel, heat treated Rc 36-40, zinc or cadmium plated. Spring and ring > 17-7PH/302 stainless, or music wire. Balls > 440C stainless. Note: alternative materials listed here are manufacturing options, not customer options.

MATERIAL (STAINLESS): Shank > 300-series stainless steel. Spring and ring > 17-7PH/302 stainless. Balls > 440C stainless.

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