DETEX trigger sprayer


LPS high-performance food safe maintenance chemicals feature DETEX, metal and x-ray detectable plastic packaging. DETEX technology ensures the plastic packaging components on LPS maintenance chemicals are detectable by metal and x-ray detection equipment. This reduces the risk of plastic from LPS products contaminating food and going unnoticed. These products are specially formulated to deliver savings solutions by extending equipment life and providing potential reductions in downtime, liability, recall risk, and the likelihood of damaged reputations. 

Newly available from LPS is the patent-pending DETEX trigger sprayer. Food processors can fill empty DETEX trigger bottles with the LPS food safe maintenance chemicals that meet plant needs. Product features include:   

  • Metal and x-ray detectable trigger sprayer
  • Metal detectable label to eliminate risk of undetected food contamination
  • Adjustable spray stream to ensure proper application
  • Ergonomic, 3 finger trigger to reduce finger fatigue
  • Durable bottle construction and chemically resistant trigger
  • Designated label area for convenient product identification


  • Metal and x-ray detectable trigger sprayer
  • Adjustable spray stream
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