DeviceNet -Enabled Tachometer



Minnetonka, MN—May 11, 2006—Electro-Sensors, Inc. has introduced the first-of-its-kind SpeedTalker DN (UI), the latest addition to its range of DeviceNet shaft speed sensors and tachometers. The SpeedTalker DN (UI) is a network powered DeviceNet tachometer designed to convert pulse frequencies from a wide range of sensors into RPM units. It provides measured shaft RPM from up to 2 input channels along with the status of up to 8 independent under/over speed threshold alarms over a DeviceNet network.

"The SpeedTalker DN (UI) tachometer incorporates state-of-the-art sensing and shaft speed analysis for real-time maintenance feedback and machine diagnostics," said Brad Slye, President of Electro-Sensors. "Electro-Sensors is known for the reliability, accuracy and long life of our speed switches engineered for harsh industrial environments." Slye added, "Now users can easily monitor the speeds of numerous rotating shafts using DeviceNet, enabling them to better control their processes and anticipate problems before they occur."

The SpeedTalker DN (UI) is capable of measuring both speed and direction when using a bidirectional sensor, has electrically isolated universal differential pulse inputs, and provides isolated 24Vdc sensor power. The SpeedTalker DN (UI) tachometer is ODVA conformance tested, straightforward to configure, and its compact size and mounting versatility allows it to perform in a wide variety of applications.


• Resistance(Ri - 2.2kΩ (24Vinputsetting)  220Ω (5Vinputsetting) • Input Current Range - +5 ➔ +25 mA(Vin + orhigh)  -25 ➔ +0.3 mA(Vin -orlow) • Channel Isolation - 2500 Vrms • Sensor Power Isolation - 500 Vrms (min) • Pulse Frequency Range - 0.0112 ➔ 31,250 Hz • Speed Measurement Range- 500 Vrms (min) • Threshold Resolution - 0.1RPM • Re-Calculation Period - 8.192mS • Weight- 114g (0.25 lb)
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