DeviceNet Analyzer


Balluff’s new DeviceNet Analyzer is one of the most powerful tools for analyzing, commissioning, monitoring and maintaining DeviceNet/CAN bus installations. Maintenance technicians, integrators, technical experts, or anyone who requires reliable information on the functional status of their DeviceNet system can use the DeviceNet analyzer to increase the overall efficiency of their facility.  

DeviceNet Analyzer allows you to: 

  • Analyze signal square wave quality
  • Monitor overall network health by node
  • Detect the location of cable breaks and short circuits
  • Locate weak points such as incorrect cable types, lengths, and faulty plug connections    

This tool is an excellent device for machine builders and integrators. The DeviceNet Analyzer assists with making sure the network is healthy during startup and setup. It also allows for the health of the network to be documented when the equipment is turned over to the end customer. The DeviceNet Analyzer can also help with the day to day maintenance of DeviceNet installations in multiple ways. It can help identify trouble nodes on the network, and used over time, it can see trends in network health. The device can also be used to check the quality of cables (or field wireable connections) and during downtime troubleshooting, the Analyzer can help root out the zone where the trouble is occurring. 


  • makes sure the network is healthy
  • analyze signal square wave quality
  • detect the location of cable breaks

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