Dew Point Transmitter for Easy Installation at pressures up to 6500psi


The Easidew Dew Point Transmitter from Michell Instruments has been enhanced to take accurate measurements in pressures of up to 6500 psi.  The Easidew is a fully configured moisture transmitter that can be instantly incorporated into an air or gas management control system. It has been developed for ease of use, incorporating all the features the user could want to make installation and operation as simple as possible. Using the Easidew transmitter makes measuring trace moisture and dew point as accessible as taking temperature and pressure readings.
 The Easidew Transmitter incorporates the Michell Advanced Ceramic Moisture Sensor with a state of the art microprocessor-based measurement circuitry to produce a fully calibrated and interchangeable transmitter. Exchange, or service, can be affected in seconds, even by untrained personnel. The transmitter is simply disconnected, removed from its sampling block and replaced by a new fully calibrated unit. 


* Sensor Type Michell Advanced Ceramic Moisture Sensor * Certification Ex II 1 G Ex IIC T4 -20 °C to + 60 °C ATEX Certificate No: 06ATEX0330X * Calibration Range Calibrated from -150 to +70°F dew point * Power 12-28 VDC loop powered (by customer) * Output 4-20 mA current loop powered, configurable to include the entire range of Dewpoint -150 to + 70°F (-100 to + 20°C) or ppmv 0 - 3000 ppmv output or non-* standard dew point range must be specified at time of order * Accuracy ±3.6°F dew point * Operating Temperature -40 to +140°F * Temperature Effects Temperature compensated across operating temperature range * Operating Pressure 6500 psig (max) * Flow Rate 0-10 SCFH when mounted in an Easidew * Sample Block 0-30 fps direct insertion @ atmospheric pressure * Interchangeability Fully interchangeable transmitters * Sensor Protection <10 µ HDPE Guard (std.), 80 µ SS * Sintered guard (optional) * Enclosure Rating NEMA 4X * Weight 0.33 lbs
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