DI-718Bx Series Data Acquisition Units


AKRON, OH – July 31, 2006 – DATAQ Instruments announces the release of DI-718Bx Series data acquisition units. The DI-718Bx Series is a two-product set of instruments designed for general purpose and/or stand-alone data logging applications that require signal conditioning. DI-718Bx instruments accept up to sixteen DI-8B Series modules, a new line of compact, low-cost amplifiers, which can be inserted directly into DI-718Bx mainframes. The DI-8B amplifiers are the world’s smallest isolated analog signal conditioners. Solutions for voltage, current, temperature, strain, frequency, and RMS measurements are supported.

DI-718Bx products break new ground in price and performance. The unit is offered in PC-tethered and stand-alone versions. The stand-alone version records data to a standard SD-style memory card. This is the same type of memory commonly used in digital cameras and MP3 players. Other features of both product versions are usually reserved for more expensive instruments such as a channel gain scan list, high-resolution 14-bit analog-to-digital conversion, high sample rate throughput, and an advanced Ethernet computer interface.

A channel gain scan list allows channel numbers to be dynamically selected during scanning to precisely match signal requirements on a channel-by-channel basis. The 14-bit analog-to-digital conversion provides a responsive instrument capable of registering changes as small as one part in 8,192, or +/- 0.012% of the full-scale measurement range. In addition, a wide sample rate throughput range from sub-Hz to 14,400 Hz allows DI-718Bx units to connect to a wide range of both static and dynamic signals.

DI-718Bx instruments support WinDaq/Lite software in addition to WinDaq/HS. Plus, a stand-alone utility allows a complete data acquisition configuration to be designed and uploaded to the DI-718Bx from any local or remote PC for stand-alone applications. An ActiveX library allows basic programming of functions using Windows programming languages such as Visual BASIC and C++.
Price and availability:

The DI-718Bx without the stand-alone option is $1,395. With the stand-alone option the instrument is $1,495.
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