Diamond Spray


Diamond Spray is a ready-to-use mixed diamond paste in an environmentally-safe aerosol can. Just like a conventional diamond paste, it is available with high-grade diamond grit, from ¼ to a maximum of 90 my. Diamond Spray »MF« - the diamond paste from a spray can is easily applied on surface areas to be polished.

The lapping/polishing process can take place immediately without the cumbersome preparation and distribution of the formerly used paste and can now be sprayed directly and targeted from the nozzle of the aerosol can.

The quick and easy spray application of Diamond Spray »MF« is especially well suited for large surface areas resulting in considerable time and cost savings.

Dried compounds can be reactivated by moistening with Fluid »MF«.

Diamond Spray »MF«, the diamond paste in a spray can has proven itself indispensable for many applications in lapping/polishing or „looping-in” of work pieces made from hardened steel/cast iron, carbide and ceramic materials.


  • ready-to-use mixed diamond paste
  • available with high-grade diamond grit
  • quick and easy spray application
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