Digging System Helps Rock Drilling


The Rock Monster HD Backreamer helps horizontal directional drilling (HDD) operators improve drilling performance in hard rock environments.


Featuring tungsten carbide discs on critical areas of the bit shirttail, operators gain a significant advantage over hardfacing and tungsten carbide inserts. The Rock Monster includes a full-coverage cutting structure to maximize weight on the bit, which provides better performance in rock applications. Easily customizable, the backreamers have interchangeable nozzles in multiple sizes so fluid-flow specifications can be met.


Furthermore, the backreamers are equipped with EdgeGuard and High Energy Tumbling (HET) from Ditch Witch. EdgeGuard offers protection to increase the life of the tool and to reduce replacement costs over time. The HET inserts improve cutting structure life through fracture toughness and wear resistance. 


Available in 5 sizes:

  • 10 in x 4 cutters
  • 12 in x 4 cutters
  • 14 in x 4 cutters
  • 14 in x 5 cutters
  • 16 in x 5 cutters 
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