For robotic guidance and material handling/logistics systems, Baumer has introduced the new TZG01 Digital 3D Cameras designed to replace multiple camera systems and extend the potential of 3D object detection. Equipped with an integrated Time of Flight (ToF) sensor, these cameras deliver rapid spatial capture of objects and components. The cameras provide data on target dimensions and position with a single snapshot that captures and displays both a distance and a grayscale image. At frame rates up to 54 fps, Baumer TZG01 Digital 3D Cameras offer a highly reliable acquisition range of 0,3 to 5 meters. These 3D cameras integrate lens, sensor and LED into a compact, robust IP67-rated housing suitable for use in harsh end use environments exposed to moisture and particulate contamination. As a generic programming interface, Baumer-GAPI, facilitates the camera’s integration into an application. The Baumer SDK includes all libraries, help files and tools for camera control. For data transfer, the cameras are equipped with a standard fast Ethernet that delivers data on cables as long as 100 meters. At the same time, the camera offers a single-cable Power over Ethernet (PoE) interface where both data and power run on a single Ethernet cable. PoE technology simplifies the mechanical design and increases the reliability of the vision system, simultaneously reducing installation costs and maintenance expenses. These cameras are used to view objects on robotic arms, robotic pick-and-place systems, automated material handling lines, and in logistics systems where machine vision is essential. The cameras can be used in palletizing, luggage/package sorting, volume/area identification, part location/positioning, presence/completion checks, and collision detection. Industries potentially using these 3D cameras include automotive assembly, warehousing, packaging, and security surveillance.


• Sensor 3D Time of Flight (ToF), 176 x 144 pixel • Image output Gray scale and distance image • Frame rate max. 54 frames per second • Working distance 0.30...5.0 m • Field of view x: 0.24...4.0 m / y: 0.19...3.1 m • Resolution x: 1.36...22.73 mm / y: 1.30...21.63 mm • Distance accuracy *) ± 10 mm • Standard deviation *) < 10 mm • Illumination LED, 850 nm • Environmental temperature 10°C...50°C • Data interface Fast Ethernet, GigE Vision compliant • Housing Aluminum, 65 mm x 65 mm x 80 mm, Protection class IP67 • Weight 530 g
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