Digital Contact Sensor with “Air-Push”


The Keyence GT, general purpose “All-in-One” integrated Contact Sensor, is a revolutionary sensor concept that simplifies the measurement of height and thickness and is easy to setup and use. The GT provides error-free measurements with no data loss in production line and other high-speed applications. All measurement is performed in the compact GT amplifier requiring no PLC or external data processing. Designed for automatic in-line measurement applications, the IP-67 rated GT incorporates a linear ball-bearing “Air-Push” spindle tip that pneumatically extends and retracts for each measurement cycle. The ball-bearing tip eliminates wear and abrasion damage as the spindle tip contacts high-speed moving target surfaces thus providing double the life of conventional contact sensors. The GT sensor head is mounted using a specially designed locking collet which distributes the tightening force on the spindle head uniformly in four directions. The collet provides firm, secure sensor head installation without the usual concern for damage due to over-tightening, a common problem with conventional set-screw and split-bracket mounts. Calibration is simple. A calibration push-button causes pneumatic spindle extension to the target surface and a zero point measurement is taken. Following the measurement, the spindle retracts and calibration is complete It’s that simple! The compact GT Amplifier requires no analog card for measurement. All data handling is performed in the amplifier itself. Once calibrated, the amplifier provides a GO/NO GO output. The GT Amplifier is available in two configurations: Model GT-71A for DIN rail mounting and Model GT-75A for panel mounting. Both models incorporate a bright, red/green multi-bar LED indicator display which is normally green when data is within limits but shows red when values are out of spec. The progressive bar display warns operators when target values begin to approach the NG limit as the green bars start to turn red. A unique feature of the GT allows up to10 GT amplifiers and sensor heads to be used. Multiple amplifiers snap together with data pass-through, for a space saving compact installation. A single RS-232 plug-in option provides a single data stream output from all amplifiers when required.


• Air Push Type [NEW] • New Scale Shot System • Highest Precision in Its Class • Tough and Rugged • Easy Sensor Head Installation and Setup • Simple Tolerance Setting
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