Digital Delay/Pulse Generator with Optical Outputs


Berkeley Nucleonics Corporation (BNC) offers optical outputs to trigger, delay, gate and sync multiple devices for use in high EMI and RFI environments. Optical outputs allow distribution over longer distances while maintaining the precision timing and coherence between channels. The Model 565, BNC’s latest digital delay/pulse generator, provides the ability to select timing references for each channel, to control both the delay and width of each channel, to sum the timing of the various channels onto any other channel as well as provide unique properties such as divide by N, independent channel gating, and independent channel amplitudes and polarities. Copper cables are not suited for long distances and noisy environments. Copper cables can couple external noise onto its signal line. Over long distances, signals in coax and twisted-pair are attenuated and bandwidth-limited which results in width, jitter and timing errors. Level discriminators at the end of a copper cable will provide increased jitter when faced with a slower leading edge. Similarly, the timing will be delayed or in the extreme ignored due to slower leading edges. ”This optical output solution addresses our customers’ needs”, stated John Yee, Sr. Applications Manager. “We have picked a transmit-receiver family that can be used in a variety of applications and can offer OEM customers even more connector and speed options. We can also provide optical triggering of our unit". BNC’s 565 optical options allow you to combine both optical and electrical outputs in pairs. For example, on a four-channel device, 2 or 4 of the channels can be optical. The wavelength and light properties selected are also compatible with Fast Ethernet standard 100Base-SX. Please contact the factory for more details or pricing.


• Range – 0-5000s • Resolution – 250ps • Timebase – 25ppm • RMS Jitter – 200ps • Pulse Inhibit Delay – 150ns • Output Inhibit Delay – 150ns
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