Brunswick Instrument, inc., of Niles, IL announces a new addition to their “Metrology Processor” line of products for data acquisition from multiple digital gage tools.
The Model MP-8D Digital Gage Interface acts as both a data switch and a data converter.  The unit allows up to eight digital tools like micrometers, calipers, height gages, etc. to be connected to a PC serial port simultaneously.  The LCD display continuously displays the measurement readings for any one or all of the connected tools.    

An operator may make gage port selections manually using front panel pushbuttons or the “AutoSwap” feature can switch ports automatically by sensing activity at any connected measurement tool.  Measurement data output can be triggered by pushbutton or with the supplied footswitch.  

Advanced functions allow an operator to define multiple “part feature” setups each having unique tolerance limits, preset value, measurement resolution, peak-hold setting and display format.  Measurement results can be presented in either digital numeric form or in analog bar-graph meter-style format.  Simple or complex mathematic formulas can be defined to manipulate or combine the individual measurement values into geometrically meaningful results.  Math functions include addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, exponentiation, square root, absolute value, trig functions, multiple levels of parenthesis and more.  All setup information is retained in non-volatile memory.

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