Digital Hydraulic Multimeter


Hydraulic engineers & technicians are calling the updated DHM ‘3’ series Digital Hydraulic Multi-meter an invaluable tool for commissioning or troubleshooting hydraulic systems on construction, agricultural and industrial machinery.  In much the same way as an electrician relies on an electrical Multi-meter, the Webster DHM '3' series Multi-meter can quickly and safely pinpoint faulty hydraulic components causing poor system performance and inefficiency.   Hydraulic systems can also be tuned for improved cycle times, optimum performance and reduced energy consumption.  The ‘all-in-one’ unit includes a loading valve with built-in over-pressure protection, measurement of flow, pressure, peak pressure, temperature, horsepower and volumetric efficiency and is powered by a single 9V battery.   Readings are digitally displayed on a large clear LCD which has user contrast control for improved indoor or outdoor viewing.  The ‘laboratory’ accuracy tester is housed in a rugged steel case to protect it from harsh in-the-field or workshop environments.  Two models are available with peak pressure rating to 8700 psi and flow range of either 105 gpm (400 lpm) or 210 gpm (800 lpm).


The DHM '3' series has a multiple button, sealed membrane control panel for selecting between three different display screens, real-time volumetric efficiency and horsepower calculations, clear peak pressure values and change engineering units.  The bi-directional load valve allows safe simulation of pressure in the hydraulic system without the need to operate machine functions. The pressure balanced design and improved ergonomic handle assures low handle effort, excellent tactile feedback and precise control over the entire flow and pressure range in either flow direction.


In addition to the above features, the Webster DHM '3' series Multi-meter also features the unique “INTERPASS” protection with Bi-Directional safety discs built into the load valve.  In the event of excess pressure in the hydraulic circuit, the discs rupture and oil is internally bypassed through the valve at low pressure and back to tank. “INTERPASS” protects both the hydraulic tester and the hydraulic system from damage as well as preventing external oil loss into the environment or onto the operator.  Another refinement for all Webster testers for 2008 has been to store spare safety discs in a threaded insert at the rear of the flow block for easier access.
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