Digital Indicators Feature Large Display and Integral Tolerance Function


A new generation of digital indicators from Mahr Federal is the first to provide a USB interface. USB connectivity with MarCator Digital Indicators allows multiple indicators to be inexpensively linked to PCs through a USB hub with no multiplexer required. Optional Digimatic and RS-232 connections are also available. MarCator 1086 and 1087 Indicators feature large LCD displays with an integral tolerance function that can either display measured values within the tolerance zone, or indicate simple "go/no go" in- or out-of-tolerance conditions without measured values. MarCator model 1087 also incorporates analog display. Error-free operation of MarCator Digital Indicators is enhanced with a button lock function that prevents unintentional activation of one or more operating buttons. Other important features include in/mm selection, an ABS feature which allows the gages to be zeroed in any position without losing reference to a preset value, and an adjustable factor that displays an application symbol in the display face. Model 1087 includes a Max/Min function for dynamic measurements such as testing flatness and concentricity, and Max and/or Min for identifying reversal points when rocking the gage during 2-point inside measurement (model 1087B). A splash-proof model MarCator Digital Indicator is also available. A sealed protection cap, rubber bellows on the measuring spindle, and a sealed battery compartment provide protection against dust incursion and water jets to IP class IP54. MarCator Digital Indicators are available in a number of sizes and measuring ranges, with resolution up to 0.001 mm (0.00005 in). A number of accessories are also available, including mounting lugs, pneumatic lifters and cable releases. The units operate on three-volt batteries, type R 2450.
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