Digital Light Meter Combines Accuracy with Value


Facility managers, electricians and maintenance personnel are required to test indoor lighting levels to assure compliance with safety regulations. Traditional light meters do the   job but are expensive and complicated to use, while   low-end models compromise accuracy for an affordable   price.  Tipping the scales in the favor of the user is a new   digital light meter from IDEAL. It precisely measures incandescent, fluorescent, metal halide, high-pressure sodium, and halogen lamp output, yet carries an MSRP   of only $149 (U.S.), or about 25% less than competitive light meters with similar feature-sets.   
The IDEAL light meter meter offers four measuring ranges up to 200,000 Lux or 20,000 footcandles. This versatility allows it to be employed in virtually any indoor environment, from schools and offices to warehouses and industrial plants. The meter measures   accurately and consistently to give users absolute confident in its high-resolution readings. And because the meter is little affected by variances in reflection its basic accuracy is a minimal ±3%.      
Convenience and push-button ease are two more factors that set the IDEAL light meter apart from competing   brands.  To use, simply place the remote sensor in thearea to be measured, press a button and the light     level will appear on the 2000-count LCD. Values are   saved on the LCD by pressing the Data Hold button or   the Max Hold button to capture the maximum value. Once finished, the compact meter, the sensor and the 1.5  meter cable slip easily into a pocket or tool tote.  

 The new IDEAL digital light meter (part #61-686) runs on a single standard 9V battery. Battery life is approximately 200 hours.
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