Digital multi panel meters – MT4W Series


Autonics adds new line-up for digital multi panel meters MT4W Series – 12-24VDC low voltage power supply type. MT4W Series is a super version panel meter with various functions including max./min. display value monitoring, display cycle delay, zero adjustment, high display correction and current output scale function, etc.

Major Features

  • Super version panel meter
  • Various output options (Default : Indicator) : RS485 communication output, low speed serial output, current(4-20mA) output, BCD output, NPN/PNP open collector output, relay output
  • Max. measuring input specification : 500VDC, 500VAC, 5ADC, 5AAC
  • Max. display range : -1999 ~ 9999
  • Prescale function
  • AC frequency measurement (0.1 ~ 9999Hz)
  • Various functions : Monitoring for max./min. display value function, Display cycle delay function, Zero adjustment function, High display correction function, Current output scale function, etc.
  • Wide range of power supply : 100-240VAC, 12-24VDC
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