Digital Power Quality Analyzer


The PowerPad® Jr. Model 8230 is a single-phase power quality analyzer that is easy-to-use, compact and shock-resistant. It is intended for technicians and engineers to measure and carry out diagnostic work and power quality work on single-phase systems- or three-phase balanced low voltage networks. Measurements are easily seen on the large easy-to-read full color graphic display. The 8230 also works on three-phase systems with balanced loads and measures and records True RMS AC volts up to 660VAC/DC, True RMS current up to 6500AAC or 1400 Amps DC, as well as AC and DC power. Users are able to obtain instant waveforms of electrical characteristics, and monitor their variation over a period of time. The multi-tasking measurement system simultaneously handles all the measurement functions and waveform display of the various magnitudes, detection, continuous recordings and their display without any constraints. This instrument records volts, amps, watts, VARs, PowerFactor, THD, individual harmonics out to the 50th, frequency DC signals and more. A built in In-Rush current measurement function graphically displays current wave forms, and displays max values down to 1/2 cycle, peak values and total in-rush time. Phase rotation can also be measured and displayed. Up to 4096 alarm events from up to 10 different thresholds can be captured DataView® software is included FREE for data storage, real-time display, analysis and hard copy report generation.


• Communication Port – Optically isolated USB • Display – ¼ VGA color LCD • Dimensionas – 8.3x 4.3x 2.4 x “ • Weight – 1.9lbs • Safety Rating – EN 61010, 600V CAT III, Polution Degree 2 • Operating Temperature - 32° to 122°F(0° to 50° C)
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