Digital Pressure Sensor - Autonics USA Inc


Autonics introduces Fluid/Air Type PSAN Series pressure sensors.  They have high resolution sensing and flexible programming options.

Major Features:

  • For all air, liquid, and fluid environments 
  • High resolution: 1/1,000 or1/2,000 programmable 
  • Auto shift function : Allowing for stable output regardless of initial pressure change 
  • Hold function input option 
  • 2 independent set points and outputs-N.O/N.C selectable 
  • One-touch connector type for easy maintenance 
  • Analog output (1/2,000 resolution, voltage: 1-5V, current: 4-20mA) 
  • Zero adjustment function, peak monitoring function and chattering prevention function 
  • Enhanced environmental resistance with diaphragm 
  • Forced-output mode embodied for easy operation test and monitoring


  • 2 independent set point
  • for all air, liquid, and fluid environments

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