Digital Thread Gage


A new system measures and displays important parameters of screw threads, quickly, accurately, and without contact. The system, which centers on sophisticated optics, is available from its developers, Resec Systems, Inc. of Bergenfield, NJ.
Among the characteristics checked and numerically displayed are;

? Thread Lead;
? Diameters...major, pitch, and root;
? Root and crest truncation;
? Flank angles.

Measurements are accurate to two ten-thousandths of an inch (0.0002 in.); items up to 1.5 in. long can be handled.
The Resec Digital Thread Gage uses a digital camera and special optics to capture the thread's profile.  From this image, the firm’s proprietary software accurately measures and instantly displays key thread parameters.  In addition, tolerances can be applied to each measurement.  The system then identifies components that fail to meet tolerance and alerts the operator or, with optional equipment, automatically sorts them into “PASS” and “FAIL” bins.  Measurements can also be saved to a data collection file.
In operation, the user need only place a threaded part on the system stage.  The thread's parameters are immediately displayed on the monitor. The photo shows the two easy-to-read displays of a typical thread: a tabulated display (top) and a graphic display (bottom).   The lower display shows averaged dimensions of the threads enclosed in the blue border in the upper display.
Optional automatic feeders are available for rapid, unattended operation.
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