Digital Transmitter/Switch


Burkert’s Type 8032 “All-In-One” Inline Rotor Flow Transmitter/Switch serves as a versatile tool for control engineers, as it is specifically designed to switch a valve, pump, heater or relay and establish an ON/OFF control loop. The switch point can be programmed one of two ways—locally via three key pads on the unit display or externally using a programmable logic controller over a 4-20mA loop or ASi Fieldbus. Additionally, the process value can be transmitted to a PLC via a 4-20 mA output signal. The Type 8032 offers programmable outputs (transistor or relay). Calibration is automatic via TEACH-IN. The Type 8032 measures flow rate from 0.6 f/s to 30 f/s, with switching accuracy ±1 percent fs. Repeatability is 0.4 percent. Fluid pressure maximum is 230 psi. Connecting the Type 8032 to the process in the piping is easily accomplished thanks to the quarter-turn “Turn & Lock” feature of Burkert’s INLINE fittings. The unit is available in three body configurations—stainless steel, brass and plastic (PVC, PP, PVDF)—and is designed for pipe diameters of 1/2 to 2 inches. The Type 8032 finds applications in industries where low-cost, decentralized control loops are needed to maintain a constant flow rate or to monitor flow rate minimum/maximum values. Thanks to its teach-in and test simulation functions, the unit can be set up without actually operating the flow system. This cuts both cost and time for installing and calibrating the Type 8032.
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