Digital Wet/Wet Differential Pressure Gauge


– Crystal Engineering Corporation, a leading pressure instrumentation company, has developed the XP2i-DP, a new digital Wet/Wet differential pressure gauge with 0.1% of reading accuracy. The XP2i-DP is very rugged, intrinsically safe, ATEX certified, high accuracy long term vacuum measurement. Most wet/wet differential gauges are damaged when the media leaks on the low pressure side as a result of long term over-pressure or high vacuum use. “The XP2i-DP’s unique design provides a reliable solution against this problem,” says Tom Halaczkiewicz, President of Crystal Engineering. “The burst disc is a key feature that we implemented in the XP2i-DP to protect the sensor from over-pressure on the low side connection. The number one reason this type of sensor fails is that they get connected incorrectly, and the user applies too much pressure to the negative side. Here, the disk will fail, but replacing it will be cheap and easy, in contrast to replacing a destroyed sensor when you might as well discard the entire gauge,” say Tom. All XP2i-DP gauges are tested and calibrated inside environmental test chambers using computer controlled pressure controllers. They are CE certified and are manufactured under a ISO 9001 registered quality system. The XP2i-DP is customizable for panel mounting and portable configurations, it has datalogging capabilities and can be programmed for custom engineering units.
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